Use TSU to promote your Jewelry

  TSU is a new Social Media Platform.  Much like Facebook and Twitter.  Only these guys give the Lion's Share of the Advertising revenue back to it's free members.  Doesn't cost a dime.  They actually reached a membership level of 1 Million signups in just 5 weeks!  That's how fast they are spreading.  Go for it!   Sign up is by invitation only.  Here's my invite to you! … [Read more...]


Horseshoe Nail Crosses @ Amazon

These crosses are handcrafted using real horseshoe Nails and wrapped with color coated copper wires.  They are come in a variety of different colors. Kids of all ages love them. They have a rugged feel, but at the same time a soft appeal to the women. The necklace cord id "One-Size-Fits-All" (Fully Adjustable Very Inexpensive!  Visit my Amazon Storefront.  "Horseshoe Nail Crosses" -- Trusted 5 Star Amazon Seller Rating.   … [Read more...]

Pinterest or Pinsomo?

It's no secret that Pinterest is one of the fastest growing social media sites ever to hit the stage.  Their unique method of sharing content  is contagious.  Everyone loves it.  Read more about an exciting new concept that you can definitely use if you have a site of your own.  Be one of the first to try it out.   … [Read more...]

Selling Your Handmade Jewelry

Cash for good Handmade Jewelry is out there with Your Name on it! For years you've been threading beads, designing jewelry. Your hobby has made you an expert in the craft. Your home is a jungle of beads, your drawers are overflowing necklaces - and you've run out of friends and relatives to give them away to. Now is the time to make money from your handmade jewelry.   Click the link below to learn more! … [Read more...]